Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Yan Jung, COSMOS, bureaucracy, and 150 m3 of fertiliser.


Today is the first day of my mission to delve into the origins of the New Eden Cluster and its inhabitants.

Having recently Joined the Interstellar Geographic Society and made my base of operation’s, for the time being, in our Gallente offices at the University of Caille Bourynes VII – MII, I have decided to investigate the home constellation of the ancient race, The Yan Jung.

On my first day I have met some interesting individuals, some helpful, some downright dangerous.
Though above all I have become acquainted with, and have begun my long battle against the Empire Archaeologists worst enemy....RED TAPE.

Like an innocent fool I made tracks straight for the archaeological site of the Yan Jung home region of the Algintal Constellation in the Sinq Laison Region of Gallente Empire space.

Arriving in Deltole system I warped straight to the Yn Jung Relic site beacon, eager to run my scanners over every part of the ancient structures floating in the quiet corner of that system. Arriving at the point where my navigation system plotted the Ruins I instead found an acceleration gate placed there by the Directive Enforcement Department of CONCORD.

The automated response form the gate structure informed me that I needed a pass key to gain access to the Relic site beyond the gate.

I could go on for hours about police states and blocking academic access to important, and culturally significant ruin sites and how they impact on the day to day rights we take for granted as members of the Gallente nation, but I won't. Instead I will focus on my task and how to complete it. I will also hopefully avoid any 'complications' with the D.E.D., and its agents.

I made a call to our admin section at the Bourynes Office and found out I had to contact an agent in Lirsautton by that name of Aruze Auz at the Creo-Drone facility there. 
Aruze Auz

Upon calling Ms. Auz I was informed that she would not speak with me unless I could produce my 'graduation certificate'. It turns out that I had to pay a visit to a paper pusher in an office in the FedMart station in Abenyc. One Vausitte Yrier.
Vausitte Yrier

 A small fee for processing and a trip to Aurcel and back and I was ready to speak with Ms. Auz in Lirsautton.

After a lengthy eyeing of my certificate I was asked to preform a series of favours, which included negotiating a deal with a dubious character and heir to a corporate fortune, which included acquiring contraband via force. The gentleman in question being Mamo Guerre.  The D.E.D. database has a listing on him and it reads thus;
"Mamo Guerre is an extremely wealthy Gallente citizen who's father earned the family's wealth in the retail industry.  He owns a sizeable part of FedMart and has been listed in the Opren's 100 Wealthies Men list of Everyshore.
One of Mamo's most prized possessions is the moon of Lirsautton VI.  Every inch of it is his, and the area around it he fondly nicknamed - Mamo's Backyard.
You can find all kinds of gadgets, ships and structures in Mamo's Backyard.  It has become sort of a junkyard, as Mamo has a tendancy of not cleaning up his mess.  Most of the ships floating here are not functional, having been left here to rust after they have served their purpose, or taken apart in one of Mamo's experiments."

Mamo's Backyard

More favors and dodgy dealings and I was finished with these agents and personalities and on my way to yet another interesting character that I had never heard of before today.

Jannagiers Estacan is the 'Chief Indoctrination Officer for the Friends of Nature.'  Based in Audaerne system at the Natura Seminary. A cutlural and for want of a better word religious facillity [Temple] floating in a quiet pocket of space for no particular reason. I would best describe him a a facilitator for the Temple with a “do what has to be done” type of attitude. 
Jannagiers Estacan

Natural Seminary - Lirsautton System
 He had me hauling around fertilizer, batteries and a cache of small arms. An interesting piece of kit to have me smuggle in to a station in Deltole System. What a peaceful organization of exponents of nature need with a large quantity of small arms I do not want to know.

I suppose I should care, but caring won't get me access to the Yan Jung Relics now will it?

So my first day researching the Yan Jung, I find my self blue-balled by bureaucrats, breaking a few laws, fired upon by pirates, and carting around guns and fertilizer.  At the end of it finding myself only marginally closer to my goal of access to the Relic site in Deltole.

I also now have to look over my shoulder, just in case the police, customs, or the much feared Serpentis Cartel decide that I have now become a “person of interest.”

But such is the life of an ambitious Archaeologist.

Signing off, until I have more to report,

Moreau Rotineque

IGSOC. Explorer

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