Monday, November 18, 2013

Begin at the beginning

Today I begin my adventures as a serious explorer.

It is my aim, to at least try, to unearth many of the secrets of the Cluster of New Eden and the universe that encapsulates it. The creators of this universe have hidden many important details about our origins and our future out there in the darkness of space. There is real wealth and knowledge floating out there in the vast blackness. More importantly there is also power. To whomever these secrets are revealed untold possibilities open up before them. Also unimagined dangers, or possible madness. There are some things even we new-immortals are not meant to know.

Here at the start of my adventure I plane to "go to the source" of all this knowledge and all the artifacts and secrets that wait for us out there. I will visit the systems that have significance to the birth of New Eden. I plan to visit the home systems of the 4 Empires, the home systems of each of the Races. I also will be  including the more exotic races no longer active, or seemingly inactive, in New Eden. The Talocan, The Yan Jung, The Takmahl, and even The Jovians/Sleepers with any luck.  I will also include an investigation in to the origins and specifics behind CONCORD.

I expect my adventures to take me all through New Eden and what it has to offer, Empire space, Low Security space, Null space, and the strange systems reached through wormholes.

My aim is to be as objectives as possible, and to open a dialogue between like minded adventurers and explorers, because this job is too big for one pilot.

I invite you to add your thoughts, be critical of my findings and opinions/conjecture when expressed, and learn about our universe, and have some fun along the way.

To begin, I will begin, at our beginnings.

Signing off,

Moreau Rotineque

IGSOC. Explorer.


  1. Aren't Jovians and Sleepers one in the same?

    1. Yes and no, but mostly yes. I intend to deliberately make the distinction between those Jovians that 'escaped' via virtual reality, and those that Stayed on to fight the disease. It is possible that over time they may diverge enough to become two different races. The Jovians may have died out, due to their commitment to the cure, or they may live on. The Sleepers are suffering a different but just as dire fate of technology harvesting for Clone troopers.

      Please let me know if I am operating under false assumptions or bad comprehension here, I have some knowledge of the lore of the races of New Eden, but there is still much I need to learn.

      Any and all input is greatly appreciated.


  2. New information has come to my attention through more thorough research. I have amended the post above to better reflect the dual nature of the Jovian race, and included another race I was not aware of until today. The Takmahl will also be a target for investigation. Thank you Jason for you question that lead me to a better idea of the ancient races in New Eden.